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We are one of the india's fastest growing company in comfort cooling , clean room solutions and ventilation & humadity control

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Clean Room Solutions

Bonafied HVAC supply clean rooms to industry. A cleanroom facility is a specified area or enclosure that is designed to exclude external contamination and minimize internal contamination, thus providing a relatively contaminant free working or manufacturing environment. These facilities are used in numerous industries as diverse as Pharmaceutical Production and Healthcare to Aerospace and Microelectronics.
At Bonafide we are poised to provide customised engineering solutions for all kinds of cleanroom HVAC applications.

Clean room HVAC solution at a glance:

Achieving necessary environmental parameters like temperature, humidity, room air pressure, particle count, air changes etc.

Efficient building automation for clean rooms -
Our experience in complex HVAC environments and our innovative approaches help you reduce your energy consumption by synchronising controls of HVAC operations through automatic systems.

Benefits with Bonafide HVAC Clean Room Solution:

- Optimum energy efficiency without compromising product quality
- Optimized maintenance scheduling help prevent unplanned downtimes
- Proven integrated solutions for long-term regulatory compliance
- Customised design and application for specific process needs

Ventilation and Humidity Control

Nowadays the natural habitat of humans is the indoor environment at home, at work, or in the car. The perception of the indoor air quality in these spaces as “fresh and pleasant” depends mainly on temperature, humidity ratio, CO2, and the level of thousands of other chemicals in the air. Proper ventilation helps improve indoor air quality. Ventilation can control indoor humidity and airborne contaminants, both of which either contribute to or act as health hazards. Unlike CO2, the humidity in a building is not solely dependent on the presence of occupants, but also on ventilation with outdoor air, cooking, showering, and washing and drying laundry. Furthermore, high indoor humidity levels often lead to health-related concerns and building damage. A healthy ventilation system with adequate filters to maintain minimum fresh air levels as explained above are designed and installed as per building usage demands.

Common sources of airborne contaminants include:

Indoor contaminants:
These include chemicals used in the construction or renovation of buildings (e.g., glues, off-gassing from carpets, emissions from particle board, cleaning compounds). In addition, appliances that burn gas can produce particulates and carbon monoxide. Incomplete combustion and poor ventilation of these appliances (cook stoves, gas furnaces, gas boilers, and gas water heaters) can contribute to indoor contaminants. Gas cook tops should be used with fans that send exhaust outside. Gas-fired heating appliances should be sealed and power-vented systems installed to remove products of incomplete combustion. Wood-burning stoves can also create particulates and must be vented outside.

Outdoor contaminants:
Outdoor particulates can be drawn inside when the heating or cooling system draws air into a home. Particulates and allergens found in outdoor air can be asthma triggers. Filtering incoming air for HVAC systems effectively filters particulates. Experts recommend using filters with a MERV 6-8, but higher MERV levels trap smaller particles and generally are more appropriate for those with allergies or where the indoor environment has a high concentration of mold spores, dust particles, or other allergens.

Two types of ventilation can help control harmful air contaminants and humidity: spot ventilation and dilution ventilation. Spot ventilation draws air from a particular location (e.g.bathroom, kitchen) and exhausts it to the outside. Dilution ventilation address low-level contamination throughout the home.

Spot Ventilation:
Exterior exhaust fans should be installed in all bathrooms and kitchens. These fans remove humidity and carbon monoxide. The most effective fans are quiet and durable. Use fans that operate at one sone or less and exhaust to the outdoors. Fans equipped with timers or de-humidistat controls are useful to ensure the fans run for a sufficient period of time. A good rule of thumb is to run a bathroom fan for about 45 minutes after a shower.

Dilution Ventilation:
Dilution ventilation addresses the entire living space. Air changes (exchanging indoor air with outdoor air) and air cleaning help determine the effectiveness of dilution. Air changes result from a combination of natural ventilation (infiltration; leakage; windows) and mechanical (controlled) ventilation. Air cleaning occurs when particulates are filtered and when air is dehumidified to remove moisture. The goal is to provide sufficient changes to ensure a healthy environment. There are several types of heating and cooling systems with filtration that can be installed to accomplish this. A common element necessary in all systems is duct sealing, particularly on the return side (side drawing in the air).

HVAC Systems Can Contribute to Air Quality Problems
HVAC systems can also exacerbate indoor air quality problems. The HVAC system may be contaminated (because of mold in duct lining or bacteria on coil or filters, for example), and the system may spread these pollutants throughout the home. Second, the HVAC duct distribution system can spread pollutants from one portion of the home to another. Regular maintenance and duct sealing can help minimize these problems.

Comfort Cooling

The use of comfort cooling is growing rapidly in India. Most landlords of commercial premises are very aware of the importance of being able to provide good indoor climate conditions for existing and new tenants. At the same time, occupants are becoming increasingly aware of the requirements that can be posed in respect of the indoor environment. The indoor environment consists of many parameters. However, the one that an occupant of an office building notices immediately is the thermal climate. It haslong been accepted that the indoor temperature must not be too low: increasingly, there is pressure that it should not be too high, either.

We at Bonafide expertise to provide various options of providing comfort cooling solutions like:

-Conventional Dx type units (Residential / Commercial / Industrial applications).
-VRV systems (Variable Ref Volume)
-As per the size, geographical location of the project, application of building etc. are parameters to select type of systems from above options.

Retrofit Air-conditioning

With energy costs soaring and energy efficiency being a paramount concern, it’s probably time for you to assess your company’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system. No matter how well an HVAC system is maintained, it will eventually need to be replaced. That isn’t a task to be entered into lightly. HVAC system replacement is a costly and messy process that can disrupt building operations over an extended period of time. That means it’s crucial to ensure that the retrofit produces the maximum benefit. Not only will this enhance the operation of the facility, it will also help to ensure that the retrofit process will not have to be repeated in the near future. 
Needing to save energy is certainly the biggest reason to consider retrofitting your HVAC equipment. Retrofitting an existing commercial HVAC system can be challenging, but the results are well worth the effort. Labs, small offices and retail establishments realize an average savings in energy consumption of 25-35% by adding retrofit technologies. Beyond the need to save energy, there are other benefits of retrofitting your HVAC equipment:

Benefits of Retrofit AC:

- Get more life from an older HVAC system.
- Increase your speed of service.
- Keeps you cooler for longer, any time of year.
- Is not obstructive when properly installed.
- Does not require as much maintenance from the homeowner before and after the cooling season.


To become a World class company to ensure customer satisfaction & preference by achieving excellence in Service, Quality, Reliability and Safety with perpetual profitable growth by learning & implementing the best global practices.


-Excellence In Performance:
Excellence in performance in about reviewing & raising the performance level to achieve competitive advantage, setting & meeting stretched targets and exceeding performance commitments. It means discouraging mediocrity in ourselves & others and not allowing status QUO.

-Customer Orientation:
Customer orientation is sensitivity and responsiveness to the customer and his needs for high quality of products & services with deliveries as committed. It establishes positive & long term relationship with both internal and external customers.

-Bonafide HVAC Pariwar:
This “Bonafide HVAC Pariwar” philosophy is based on mutual respect, trust & dignity within which team spirit and high morale are of utmost importance.

The quality of being honest & having strong Moral Principles, Uprightness, Sincerity, Truthfulness, Trustworthiness, Financial Honesty & Transparency.


introduce ourselves as HVAC Engineers for Design, Execution, Testing & Commissioning of any Kind of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC ) systems for various application of commercial, Industrial & Clean room Air conditioning. We are specialized in Commercial Air condition, Design built Jobs , select systems according to application & usage, select the right concept according to cooling Area such as VRV, CASSETTES, TOWERS, DUCTABLE, PACKAGE, MULTI SPLIT, AIR PURIFIERS, CHILLERS (Air/Water Cooled) Bonafide has been able to develop its good name with customer satisfaction and its techniques in many corners of the world. At Bonafide we have learnt that there is no stop to growth and expansion in any business. We have successfully served clients having special needs concerning the environment. Bonafide HVAC has become the largest and most respected Sales & service station in India. To become most preferred distributor and supplier capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements for potential corporate & clients.

The process of ExcellenceWe believe that excellence is a process of constant striving to satisfy by giving you just good products & services. Today this expresses itself in diversification and R & D. Tomorrow, we could be discovering new ways to serve you better. Our dedication to service and quality that meet your expectations are guaranteed. We strongly believe in the philosophy that the compromise shall not be made with the Quality for Economic Reason.

Since beginning we have laid a Great stress on Quality and this proves through our fast expansion. We are confident about our quality this confidence developed strongly through the constant testing of our services by valued customers, largely because we react positively. We keep on turning difficulties into opportunity and opportunity into Reality. At Bonafide we maintain high product quality and ensure prompt customer service. Our technical support and customer service teams work to understand your business needs. At Bonafide we are committed to offer you the best and we look forward to develop long term relations for mutual benefit. We can offer you high quality manpower, exclusive relationships, timely results and most importantly BONAFIDE’s guarantee of trust

Our sincere commitment to our clients and unmatched systems has ensured consistently repeat orders year after year. Our integrity is by far our greatest strength. It is our balance sheet. It defines us to ourselves, our customers and to the world. At Bonafide HVAC customer service is sacrosanct. Our unbending commitment to quality at every stage ensures transaction integrity and product consistency. It’s about earning the trust. A dedicated team of qualified professionals works to contribute to the world of technology and total dedication to the highest standards of quality, innovation, techniques and customer satisfaction. We also enjoy the services of our strong technicians working ceaselessly to touch new milestones.We want to be a pacesetter in improving every aspect of our operations with a total commitment towards meeting the needs of our customers with continuously improving, high-value offerings

At BONAFIDE HVAC, our main motto is to provide an optimum solution for the given situation. To provide not only a technically sound but also an economically viable system for the HVAC industry is our main objective. For further information you may contact us by email at

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