Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning

  • Clean Room Solutions

    Clean Room Solutions

    Our Cleanroom Solutions designs, manufactures and supplies customized modular components for the construction and installation of these controlled environments. Leading specialist supplier of modular controlled environment solutions for use in the pharmacare, micro-electrical and data storage sectors.

  • Ventilation and Humidity Control

    Ventilation and Humidity Control

    In cool climates, natural ventilation (opening windows) or mechanical ventilation (fans, exhaust systems) to control excessive moisture and humidity . In warmer climates, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can pull warmer, humid air inside. In this case, the ventilation system may help create indoor humidity problems unless the system also dehumidifies the air.

  • Comfort Cooling

    Comfort Cooling

    The need for comfort cooling arises, therefore, when requirements in respect of the thermal climate also include requirements in respect of maximum permissible indoor temperatures. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) systems used in order actively to cool buildings


We as an organization

We introduce ourselves as HVAC Engineers for Design, Execution, Testing & Commissioning of any Kind of Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC ) systems for various application of commercial, Industrial & Clean room Air conditioning.
We are specialized in Commercial Air condition, Design built Jobs , select systems according to application & usage, select the right concept according to cooling Area such as VRV, CASSETTES, TOWERS, DUCTABLE, PACKAGE, MULTI SPLIT, AIR PURIFIERS, CHILLERS (Air/Water Cooled) 
Bonafide has been able to develop its good name with customer satisfaction and its techniques in many corners of the world. At Bonafide we have learnt that there is no stop to growth and expansion in any business. We have successfully served clients having special needs concerning the environment.
Bonafide HVAC has become the largest and most respected Sales & service station in India. To become most preferred distributor and supplier capable of satisfying the most demanding requirements for potential corporate & clients.
Our constant efforts towards good techniques for workmanship have proven our fast expansion in a short span of time. We keep on turning difficulties into opportunity and opportunity into reality.
Our vast experience in this industry for over TWO decade, allows our clients to save both time and cost without compromising on quality.
At Bonafide HVAC, our main motto is to provide an optimum solution for the given situation. To provide not only a technically sound but also an economically viable system for the HVAC industry


The process of Excellence
We believe that excellence is a process of constant striving to satisfy by giving you just good products & services. Today this expresses itself in diversification and R & D. Tomorrow, we could be discovering new ways to serve you better.
Our dedication to service and quality that meet your expectations are guaranteed. We strongly believe in the philosophy that the compromise shall not be made with the Quality for Economic Reason.


Since beginning we have laid a Great stress on Quality and this proves through our fast expansion. We are confident about our quality this confidence developed strongly through the constant testing of our services by valued customers, largely because we react positively. We keep on turning difficulties into opportunity and opportunity into Reality.
At Bonafide we maintain high product quality and ensure prompt customer service. Our technical support and customer service teams work to understand your business needs. At Bonafide we are committed to offer you the best and we look forward to develop long term relations for mutual benefit.
We can offer you high quality manpower, exclusive relationships, timely results and most importantly BONAFIDE’s guarantee of trust.


Our sincere commitment to our clients and unmatched systems has ensured consistently repeat orders year after year. Our integrity is by far our greatest strength. It is our balance sheet. It defines us to ourselves, our customers and to the world.
At Bonafide HVAC customer service is sacrosanct. Our unbending commitment to quality at every stage ensures transaction integrity and product consistency. It’s about earning the trust
A dedicated team of qualified professionals works to contribute to the world of technology and total dedication to the highest standards of quality, innovation, techniques and customer satisfaction. We also enjoy the services of our strong technicians working ceaselessly to touch new milestones.
We want to be a pacesetter in improving every aspect of our operations with a total commitment towards meeting the needs of our customers with continuously improving, high-value offerings


At BONAFIDE HVAC, our main motto is to provide an optimum solution for the given situation. To provide not only a technically sound but also an economically viable system for the HVAC industry is our main objective
For further information you may contact us by email at sales@bonafide-hvac.com